Sanyo TV Division HQ to Move to San Diego Updating a previous blog post, Sanyo is moving its TV division HQ to San Diego. San Diego has turned out to be a near-perfect place for a TV division HQ. The city of San Diego is very close to the Mexican border where labor is cheap. Not only is there cheap labor, thanks to NAFTA, TVs that are built in Mexico do not get taxed when imported to the US, a big savings for big TV names like Sony, Samsung, Panasonic, all of which have manufacturing plants near the border and close to San Diego.

According to’s article, Sanyo has lost money for the last two years. And like I commented in my previous blog entry, I don’t know how Sanyo will make money by teaming up with a second tier LCD manufacturer like Quanta (QDI). The article mentions the fact that Sanyo’s largest division in San Diego has a few hundred workers and develops batteries. For TVs there are only 6 or so specialists who test for quality in manufacturing for a plant in Tijuana. The Tijuana plant is part of Sanyo Manufacturing Corp. that is located in Forrest City, Arkansas. What an interesting place to have a TV manufacturing arm! Three million TVs are manufactured according to the article.

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