HannStar to Make 17″ Wide LCD Monitor Panels

Didn’t we go through this before? A long time ago, I purchased a Sony LCD monitor that was a 17″ wide. It was very stylish, had built-in speakers and video inputs to hook up my PlayStation 2. But the price was out of this world. $1000. It is no surpise that the market didn’t support the 17″ wide at that price.

HannStar wants to change that. According to Chin-Hao Chou, VP of HannStar, the company will be making 17″ wide LCD monitor panels from October, in small volumes. HannStar will supply its own Hanns.G brand and reach 300K-400K units per month by the second quarter of 2007.

Fifteen 17″ wide panels can be cut in HannStar’s G5 LCD plant. Three more than 17″ 5:4 and one less than 4:3 15″ panels. Because of this the cost of manufacturing a 17″ wide panel isn’t that much more than a 15″ panel. 15″ panels are dirt cheap at a little less than $100 right now. Chou stated that 17″ wide panels would be around US$10-15 more expensive. That would put about a $200 price tag on 17″ wide LCD monitors. I hope they make it 1440 x 900 resolution and not 1280 x 800 or 1280 x 768. That’s just too low.

One other factor that doomed the 17″ wide effort a few years back was that the 17″ wide looked smaller than a 15″ 4:3. Why? Well, it was shorter. The human visual system gauges how big an object is primarily by how tall it is. So the shorter 17″ wide LCD monitor didn’t fair well against a 15″ 4:3 that was taller (bigger) and cheaper, way cheaper.

Hanns.G JW-199DPB 19″ wide LCD monitor

Hanns.G already has one of the cheapest LCD monitors out there. For instance, its JW-199DPB 19″ wide LCD monitor can be had for a cool $185. So my guess is the 17″ wide would be around $150! Very good indeed.

Source: DigiTimes

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