Sony to Exit Desktop Display Market

Due to stiff price competition, sources (Var Business) is reporting that Sony will exit the desktop display market. This is a shame as I just recently purchased a very aggressively priced but really great-looking SDM-HS75 17″ LCD monitor. IT resellers are saying that Sony has begun notifying them about the exit. Of course, Sony will continue supplying and beating the crap out of others in the TV space.

Sony HMD-A440 FD Trinitron 19″ CRT Monitor

Sony has a long history with the desktop display market. Sony was the first to move toward flat with its Trinitron tubes that were at least vertically flat. Then they moved to vertically and horizontally flat Trinitron tubes. What a beautiful screen those produced! They have also designed some really great-looking LCD monitors recently, my very own SDM-HS75 being one of them. Although Rhoda Alexander from iSuppli, a market research firm, stated that the market is “cost competitive and commoditized” what market isn’t? I think there is a place for Sony: higher-end with great design. The MP3 market is cost competitive and commoditized, but Apple sells expensive units and lots of them with great profit margins. Notebooks, desktop PCs, PDAs, you name it, they are all cost competitive and commoditized.

Sony SDM-HS75/B 17″ LCD Monitor

I think Sony should stick around and gives us snobs some great-looking LCD monitors for a few more bucks than the regular HP or Dell. I, for one, would pay more for something that looks good and functions well.

Source: Var Business

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