Nikon D80: Improved LCD

The Nikon D70s had a 2.0″ TFT LCD with a total pixel count of 130,000. The new Nikon D80 improves that in two ways: larger screen and more pixels. The display was enlarged by 0.5″ to 2.5″. The 2.5″ TFT LCD also has 100,000 more pixels for a total of 230,000. Viewing angle information which was previously not available for the D70s is now available for the D80: 170 degrees. That is remarkable for such a small screen!

Although 230,000 total pixels are quite a bit more than the 130,000 found in the D70s, to accurately preview a 10 megapixel image (10,000,000), the road perfection is long. With the D80 setup, the user is previewing the picture taken with a display that has only 2.3% of the total pixels in the image.

Image source: DPReview, Clip-on Screen Protector

DPReview also states that the fonts and icons are anti-aliased and look beautiful and states the user interface is one of the best in the industry. One knock that the review gives on the TFT LCD is the lack of an anti-reflective coating that can result in reflections in bright ambient environments. To protect the LCD, the D80 comes supplied with a clip-on screen protecter and the review claims that the clear center “has no detrimental effect on image brightness…” The pictures shown at the review site shows this to be true.

Kudos for the improvement and let’s continue to develop TFT LCD technology that will be commensurate to the CCD technology found in D-SLRs.

Source: DPReview

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