Samsung NV10: 7×6 Touch-sensitive Interface

Samsung’s NV10 is a 10.1 megapixel compact digital camera with a 2.5″ wide-view LCD. It has Samsung’s Advanced Shake Reduction (ASR) system that allow clearer picture-taking in low ambient light situations. The NV10 also takes MPEG4 videos at 640 x 480 resolutions and at a fast clip of 30fps.

Source: DPReview (front), PC World (back), Samsung NV10

Also the LCD is a large 2.5″ with lots of pixels. 230,000 to be exact. The great thing about Samsung’s NV series is the new user interface that is based on a 7×6 (7 vertical, 6 horizontal) button system that is touch-sensitive. I was wondering how this would work when I first saw pictures of the NV10 and now Stuff Magazine has a video review of it and thinks it’s great. I think the interface makes for very straight-forward UI designs. This is much better than the multiple buttons that are everywhere on the digital camera with some having two dials in addition to all those buttons. A great incremental development that should allow users to change settings without having to do a detailed study on the interface.

Source: Stuff Magazine, DPReview

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