SIM2 HT3000: 1080p DLP Front Projector

SIM2’s HT3000 is the newest of its Grand Cinema line using a DLP single-chip solution that has 1920 x 1080 resolution. Video is processed at 10 bits allowing for a more pure picture quality.

Image source: CEPro, SIM2 HT3000 1080p DLP Front Projector

The HT3000 was announced during CES 2006 in Las Vegas earlier this year and started shipping as of August 15. The unit has two HDMI ports, a 7-segment color wheel and will go for a MSRP of $15,995. Yow, that’s a lot of money. Too much in fact. Why?

Just around the corner are DLP units with LED backlights. One of the great benefits of LED backlights is the elimination of the color wheel that can lead to a “rainbow effect” that seem to plague some viewers. Another benefit of LED backlights is the longevity: you need not replace the Ultra-High Performance (UHP) lamps every 3-4 years.

Source: CEPro (2), HomeTech News

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