Philips GoGear HDD6330: 30GB Portable Media Player

PC World has some wacky editors. Check this out: “Philips Electronics’ GoGear 6330 portable media player is possibly more gorgeous than an iPod.” Yes, I agree completely… the iPod shuffle isn’t that gorgeous. But compared to the iPod nano or the iPod Gen5, I don’t think the GoGear 6330 has what it takes. First of all, the name. Who made up GoGear? We’re not in the bicycle industry; neither are we in the rollerblade industry. GoGear? Wow. And then the 6330? Ingenious. Let’s have a look at this thing:

That bezel must be a mile wide! The article states that the 6330 is thicker than the iPod. When did thicker get to be more gorgeous? And here’s the killer: no video. Bham! The 6330 is down for the count.

But before we dismiss the 6330 all together, let’s look at the display specs: a 2″ TFT LCD with 220 x 176 resolution. Compare that to the iPod’s 2.5″ TFT LCD with 320 x 240 resolution. I’d take the bigger screen with more resolution any day and if that happens to be enclosed in a nice enclosure like the iPod, I’d take it over the 6330 every single time. One of the many reasons for the iPod’s popularity is how it looks. I think it looks fabulous. Now only if I could be freed from iTunes… To conclude: the PC World author’s ability of determining aesthetic merits of portable media players is dubious at best.

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