Toshiba REGZA WLT68 Series LCD TVs

There are three sizes that make the lineup for the WLT68 series: 32″, 37″ and 42″. These have scanning rates of 120Hz, double that of the conventional 60Hz, thanks to its Active Vision M100 LCD. The 32″ model will go on sale September 18 and the other two will follow on October 9.

The cool thing about these REGZA TVs is that Toshiba decided to include three HDMI ports, two more than just about anyone. I think Toshiba is making the right decision. Remember when PCs used to have a single USB port? How short-visioned was that?!? Now most computers have no less than 4 USB ports. Why? Because everything went USB in the IT world. Now, for the CE market, I am pretty certain that everything will go HDMI. Where are all of you peripheral makers with 4- or 8-port HDMI hubs?

Source: T3

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