Samsung 1.98″ VGA LCD

Samsung’s 1.98″ 640 x 480 LCD uses a-Si glass and the company’s Amorphous Silicon Gate (ASG) technology. The extremely high-resolution 400dpi LCD can display 16 million colors, which is quite substantial for such a small size. Other specification includes a 300:1 contrast ratio, and 75-degree viewing angles.

Samsung’s ASG technology allows gate driver ICs to be incorporated directly on the glass making the overall module much thinner and allowing for slimmer mobile phone designs.

With mobile TV’s popularity most likely to increase in Asian countries where the dominant mode of transportation is via subway, bus, taxi, train, etc. (that does not require both hands and eyes to be concentrating on the road), this new Samsung development will sure to be greated with open arms (and wallets) when it gets incorporated into every-slimmer mobile do-everything phones.

Source: Laptop Logic

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