Samsung SyncMaster 931C: 97% NTSC Color Gamut

Most LCD monitors use regular CCFLs that hasn’t seen performance increases in decades. Because of that, they are kept to a 72% NTSC color gamut. 72% seems to have been enough for most people because until recently nobody cared. So what happened recently? LED. LED folks began to package those little solid-state light sources into display backlights. And boy do they look good: almost 100% NTSC color gamuts that make colors really nice. The US flag on a typical 72% NTSC screen would have dull reds compared to those from a LED-backlit display. Words cannot describe the colors and neither can a picture because most likely you’re reading this from a 72% NTSC screen. Now, because of competition from LEDs, the lazy CCFL folks are starting to make things better.

Samsung announced its SyncMaster 931C, a 19″ LCD monitor on August 18 that delivers a 97% NTSC color gamut and stated that the monitor “reveals colors never before seen on an LCD monitor this size.” I haven’t seen the monitor, but I would agree based on what I’ve seen on LCD TV screens based on LED backlights.

Other specifications stand out too: 2000:1 dynamic contrast ratio, 2ms gray-to-gray (GTG) response times, MagicBright and MagicTune for environment-dependent display tuning. These are specs that you’d see on a higher-end LCD TV. It looks like the differentiation between LCD monitor and LCD TV has been blurred even more by Samsung’s 931C. It also looks very stylish in black with a aluminum-like finish on the bottom of the case. I wish I could see this in action.

Source: Samsung

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