Automotive LED-based Displays

Currently, most if not all automotive displays use the typical CCFL as the light source. This will change, like most displays will, to having LED backlights. Taiwan’s Ligitek Electronics will start shipping LED backlights for 7″ and 9″ LCDs for use in autos in October. But don’t hold your breath. Usually, a component such as a 7″ LCD panel for a car will take at least 1-2 years for qualifications.

The move to LED backlights in automotive applications is a bit different in nature to the same shift in TVs. Because LEDs are a solid-state device, it is more stable. Also the longevity of LED backlights are far better than CCFL. Unfortunately the color will probably stay the same since the LEDs in use are white-LEDs with yellow phosphors that do not improve the color fidelity. Thermal issues are a problem, but with an engine that is many ordors of magnitude hotter, it should not be much of an issue here either. IMO.

Source: DigiTimes

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