Dai Nippon Printing to Build Color Filter Line for Sharp

DNP will invest 24-25 billion yen to build a color filter (CF) production line for Sharp. The CF plant will be located inside Sharp’s factory in the Mie Prefecture. DNP was established in 1876 as Japan’s first full-scale printing company and has grown to be the largest-scale all-inclusive printing company in the world.

In a related announcement back in June 2006, DNP said that it developed a Multi Primary Color Filter with yellow, cyan in addition to RGB. The addition of yellow and cyan dramatically increases the color gamut of LCD TV modules and will being mass production from the fall of 2006. The reproduction of the colors yellow, gold and turquoise was very difficult prior to this development. DNP will provide a 4-primary color CF (RGB+Yellow) and a 5-primary color CF (RGB+Yellow+Cyan) depending on what the customer wants. The CFs can be integrated into LCD TVs, LCD monitors, notebook PCs and other mobile devices. The 4-primary CF will up the color gamut from a typical 72% NTSC to 95%. The 5-primary CF will go up to 100% NTSC. Brightness is also enhanced by 35% according to DNP. To reduce manufacturing cost, DNP will use inkjet printing technology to produce the CF.

Source: MarketWatch, DNP

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