Humax LP32-TDR1: 32″ LCD TV with PVR

Humax, short for Human Maximum? Who knows. But it’s a name that I am not very familiar with. Maybe that will change in the near future. And its LP32-TDR1 will sure help bring that about. The LP32-TDR1 is a 32″ LCD TV with a 160GB Personal Video Recorder (PVR). Not much is known but it will come with 2x Freeview TV tuners, inputs such as S-Video, 3x AC inputs, 2x SCARTs a HDMI port and sell for about 900 pounds (~US$1700) in Europe.

I’m guessing the display is a 1366 x 768 resolution low-end type with the typical specifications in the range of around 500:1 contrast ratio, 170+ degree viewing angles and a 8ms typical response time. The color gamut would be a run-of-the-mill 72% NTSC. Personally, I don’t like integrated anything. The reason is simple: you have to send in the entire box if something goes wrong with any one thing. What if the PVR’s firmware got messed up? Well, you’re hosed with a TV that doesn’t work. I like my CE gadgets to be separate. That’s why I like my iPod–it does music well. Who really wants to view pictures or video on it anyway. I think it was a terrible move by Apple, but I’m just a peculiar guy and there are many more non-peculiar guys out there, so from a financial point of view Apple did the right thing by providing picture and video viewing capabilities on its tiny screen. Back to Human Maximum Humax… don’t get it–get separate boxes that each do one thing well.

Source: Engadget

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