Philips’ Entertaible

Board games will never be the same again. In good ways and bad. Philips revealed a 32″ horizontal, multi-touch LCD gaming platform that is fully integrated in a 10cm height enclosure called Entertaible at the Internationale Funkausstellung (IFA). What an interesting name for a conference… Funk Auss Tell… Those Germans.

I think the folks in the picture are having way too much fun with this Entertaible-based board game. “The multi-purpose platform enables a new class of gaming that combines electronic games with the social interaction of board games. Entertaible is based on new technologies enabling simultaneous multi-user interaction, object detection and recognition.” I’m not sure if it’s a new class of gaming: it’s just boardgames on a flat horizontal screen.

The cool thing about this Entertaible is the multi-touch feature. “Entertaible uses proprietary digital shape recognition and multi-touch sensing to interpret the moves of several players simultaneously generates a highly interactive, intense gaming experience. The simultaneous tracking encourages players to make their moves in real-time by dispensing with the need to wait for their turn, and allows participants – with practice – to plan moves in advance and react immediately to the actions of the other players. The use of physical objects like pawns and bats to directly manipulate the virtual world enhances the sense of magic.”

The other day I was having coffee with a friend and decided that we would play chess. I can imagine us playing chess on this Entertaible at a cafe in the distant future.

Source: RTO Online

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