One Laptop Per Child 2B1, not CM1

The One Laptop per Child Organization’s ~$100 notebook PC has another name: 2B1, a change from its other official name: Children’s Machine 1, or CM1. The 2B1 can create its own mesh network enabling connection between two computers without needing an Internet connection. Sharing an Internet connection is easy as long as one 2B1 has an connection to the Internet.

As mentioned before, the 2B1 is equipped with a 7.5″, 1200 x 900 resolution TFT LCD display. There are two modes for the display: full color transmissive mode or high-resolution reflective grayscale mode. In reflective mode, the backlight will not be operational, bringing down energy consumption to just 0.2 watt from 1 watt with the transmissive mode. The 2B1 has a 400MHz AMD Geode processor, 128 MB of DRAM and 512MB of SLC NAND flash memory. Good news for the OLPC guys as both the Nigerian and Thailand governments have ordered one million of these great bargain notebook PCs.

Source: Voice over IP weblog

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