Samsung Corning’s FFL Backlights

Samsung Corning will start to develop larger flat fluorescent lamp (FFL) based backlights. Currently, the company’s FFL backlights can be used for 32″ LCD TVs. In the very near future, Samsung Corning will produce larger FFL backlights for use in 40″ and 46″ LCD TVs. The sizes correspond very well to S-LCD‘s optimized sizes of 40″ and 46″ LCD TV panels. S-LCD supplies panels to both Samsung and Sony for large-size LCD TVs.

Current capacity is at one million annual units but the company is planning to boost that to two and is currently planning construction. By acquiring IPs from Osram Opto Semiconductors, Samsung Corning is developing mercury-free FFL backlights, a must if the company wishes to work with TV brands that will be entering the European TV markets.

Samsung Corning

FFL backlights offer longer lifetimes and better light uniformity compared to the typically round cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs). Another benefit is that the number of FFL tubes required to luminate an LCD is much less than CCFLs. For instance, a 32″ LCD TV will typically require 16 CCFLs while a FFL-based backlight system will require just one FFL. Even at larger sizes, only one FFL will be needed according to Samsung Corning.

Source: DigiTimes

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