Sony KDL-52X2500: 52″ BRAVIA LCD TV, $6838 in October 20

Sony is aiming a 50% share for its TVs sized 40″ and larger. That share was only 30% last year. And to make sure that everybody is listening, Sony will let consumers slap down $6,838 for the KDL-52X2500. This is a bargain considering you have to pay north of $15,000 for a 65″ LCD TV from Sharp. Sony is also targeting a 6 million LCD TV sales number for 2006. 50% of that is 3 million and that’s not a small number. Earlier to the 52″ introduction to the world, Sony will unveil 10 new models in Japan around mid-September with a global rollout a bit later than that. Of the 10, two will be SXRD models that use LCoS technology.

Sony SXRD LCoS Engine

The KDL-52X2500 will incorporate Sony’s Digital Reality Creation (DRC) circuitry that up-converts non-1080p video sources to display on 1920 x 1080 resolution screens. Also, it will have a Wide Color Gamut CCFL (WCG-CCFL) powering the backlight to make colors more vibrant; the color gamut should be more than 90% NTSC. Contrast ratio will be 1500:1 using dynamic contrast enhancing software-based algorithms, brightness will be a lukeworm 450cd/m2 with one HDMI input.

One interesting note about the model numbers is that they are based on color. Model numbers that end with a certain 4-digit number means a certain color:

2000: Grey
2010: Dark Grey
2020: Silver

However the numbers 2500 and 2510 seem not to be based on the color scheme that Sony has been using. These massive TFT LCD panels are manufactured at S-LCD, the joint venture between Samsung and Sony that now has two G7 fabs.

Source: Bloomberg

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