Samsung Mobile Display Driver IC

On September 6, 2006, Samsung introduced an intelligent mobile display driver IC (DDI) that detects the brightness of ambient light and then modulates backlight brightness. Power consumption can be reduced of up to 30% in low-ambient light environments by reducing the brightness required for optimum picture quality. Samsung’s intelligent mobile DDI uses the photosensor and processing to divide the light that is detected into 32 levels that is mapped to an image enhancement algorithm for each level. Samsung worked with its Advanced Institute of Technology to develop its mobile DDI. Mass production will start at the end of 2006.

It is somewhat surprising that this development took so long. For many years, users of mobile phones have had to deal with non-intelligent lighting solutions: the LCDs are just as bright outside as it is indoors. Of course, without the aid of transflective displays, it doesn’t matter how bright the backlight is outdoors. But indoors, I don’t need to be blasted with full brightness. I look forward to mobile phones and other mobile devices that have intelligent DDIs. Let’s just hope these are really intelligent.

Source: Samsung

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