China TFT LCD Plans

Just a quick note on all the build plans for TFT LCDs in China:

1. Truly Semiconductor G2.5
2. Tianma’s G4.5 in Shanghai
3. Additional 60,000 units of G5 glass substrate capacity for IVO
4. Innolux awaiting environmental approval for its G5 fab in Shenzhen
5. Shenzhen Jiulong’s G6 fab
6. SVA-NEC’s additional G6 fab

Seems like China is poised to become the next super power when it comes to TFT LCD manufacturing: from Japan to South Korea to Taiwan to China. In terms of manufacturing this has been the trend for the last several decades ranging from textile to high-tech electronics. Still, the majority of components that go into the manufacturing of TFT LCDs is held by Japanese companies.

Source: ElectronicNews

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