Sony Outsourcing More LCD TV Production

TPV Technology, an integrator listed in the Hong Kong stock exchange, has landed Sony’s 40″ LCD TV orders. This is the first time Sony has outsourced 40″ LCD TV production and began in the third quarter. The 40″ LCD TV will be a lower-end model geared for the Chinese TV market. Prior to the 40″ contract, TPV Technology built 32″ LCD TVs for Sony. The 32″ had panels from AU Optronics (AUO) and chips from Trident Technologies to gain cost competitiveness. Not only is Sony moving toward mainstream non-proprietary components, the company invested US$1.9 billion (as did Samsung with the same amount) in its joint venture with Samsung to build a G8 TFT LCD line at S-LCD. Production is slated for a fall 2007 launch with an initial glass input capacity of 50,000 substrates per month. S-LCD’s G8 fab will focus on 46″ and larger TV sizes. Sony will also introduce 52″ LCD TV models on October 20 in Japan with a starting price of around US$6800, as noted in a previous blog entry.

Source: Witsview

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