Samsung 7" Flexible LCD: World’s Largest

Weird. “I thoud I thaw a 14″ flethible dithplay at Eth I D…” I did! I did! And I think it was LG.Philips LCD (LPL). The 14″ flexible display used metal plates to make it flexible. Now, maybe Samsung is saying that when it is commercially available that the 7″ would be the world’s largest commercially available flexible LCD in the world. Samsung’s flexible display uses high-end plastics that are more durable and thinner than conventional glasses. Thickness uniformity is maintained even when the display is bent.

The display has a resolution of 640 x 480, which is quite standard as we have seen 800 x 480 resolutions on a 7″ wide TFT LCD panel. The LCD is developed using a low temperature manufacturing process that does not melt or distort the plastic substrate.

I personally don’t know why flexibility is such an important feature to have in a display. There are definitely some retail applications that could benefit from displays wrapping around cylindrical advertisement pieces. A wrap-around watch, perhaps is a market potential. Rollable displays? I’m not so sure there is great demand for flexible displays. Am I missing something?

Source: The Korea Times, c|net

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