AU Optronics Begin Volume Shipments to Sony

AU Optronics (AUO) has started to ship 32″ LCD TV panels to Sony this month. There are two models that AUO ships to Sony. One is a lesser model that has 16 CCFLs and is shipped also to Samsung. The other is a higher-quality model that uses 12 CCFLs and prism films. AUO’s monthly shipments to Sony is expected to be 100,000 – 150,000 panels in September and October.

I thought more CCFLs meant more brightness. But maybe the addition of prism films improve front screen performance despite a 4-CCFL deficiency. The 12 CCFL plus prism films model might be touted as an energy efficient model that could be more in demand in regions that value energy efficiency.

Prism films, also known as brightness enhancing films (BEF), increase the brightness, but on the negative, it reduces viewing angles–a tradeoff. Now would would really be a “higher-quality” 32″ LCD TV panel is if there were 16 CCFLs with BEF.

Source: The Taiwan Economic News

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