Samsung Raises 32" LCD TV Panel Prices

This is bad news. Samsung has informed LCD TV panel customers that it will raise 32″ LCD TV panel prices by $10. According to today’s Witsview panel prices, 32″ average panel prices are $365. DigiTimes also mentioned that other suppliers such as AU Optronics (AUO), Chi Mei Optoelectronics (CMO) and Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) will also follow Samsung’s lead and raise prices on 32″ LCD TV panels. That would make the average price increase to around $375. That might not look like a big increase, but from panel price to set price, there is about a 3x factor. So a $10 panel increase could mean a $30 price increase for 32″ LCD TV sets. One of the cheapest TVs out there are made by Syntax-Brillian and Westinghouse Digital. A Syntax Olevia LT32HV 32″ LCD TV can be had for $699 while a Westinghouse Digital LTV-32w3 32″ LCD TV is only $679. Add $30 to that and you get into $700 territory, which could discourage would-be buyers. I’m sure retailers like Best Buy is bracing themselves for a decline in bargain hunters. The practice of opening price point (OPP) products placed at the front of advertisements to lure customers into the stores (and then up-selling) might not be as effective when prices jump from the $600-level to the $700-level for 32″ LCD TVs. I was hoping to see $499 price points for 32″ LCD TVs. But I wouldn’t buy a 32″ anyway. It’s too small for my living room. I’m going to hold out for a 42″ or larger LCD TV for $999.

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