LG.Philips LCD Develops Fast Mobile Phone Display

On September 14, 2006, LG.Philips LCD (LPL) announced the development of a TFT LCD for next-generation mobile phones. The 2″ LCD panel has a 16ms response time that is 36% faster than other TFT LCD panels for mobile phones. Typical mobile phone displays have 25ms and due to the multimedia capabilities of these phones that need to process video, faster response times will generate a better viewing experience, much like how it is in the LCD TV world. LPL’s press release does not go  into detail about the technology that is used to get faster response times, but it is most likely the use of low-viscosity liquid crystals (LCs) or a low-power over-driving circuitry. Just a hunch.

This development is welcome news in light of low color gamuts, slow response times, bad viewing angles, and low brightness among other less-than-ideal properties of mobile phone displays. Mobile phones in most of the world (except for the US at the moment) will morph into an all-in-one device that will be used for watching all sorts of content from TV to movies, to a payment device you can use to pay for transportation and groceries. With advances in services, the display must be able to handle various types of information that require higher performance in terms of video and resolution.

Source: LG.Philips LCD

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