Philips X-line, C-line and G-line LCD Monitors

C-line is the entry-level boring line. G-line is the “multitainment” monitor line and the X-line is the performance line. So don’t waste your time with the C-line unless you’re really strapped for cash. You have to give it to Philips to come out with another bastardized word like “multitainment”. Can’t they have simply stuck with entertainment? Anyway… on to the monitors. The X-line comes in 17″, 19″, 19″ wide, 20″, and 20″ wide sizes with Philips’ SmartImage Lite, an image enhancement technology with presets for video playback, web browsing, etc. and the monitor adjusts brightness, contrast and sharpness to make the picture look the best. Personally, I like to control these settings. These X-line monitors also come with Philips’ Perfect Panel warranty that guarantees a defect-free display.

The 20″ model, the 200XW7, has a resolution of 1680 x 1050 (although Philips puts that at WSXGA, it’s actually a WSXGA+ panel). The 200XW7 features the Super Ergo Base that allows it to tilt, rotate and swivel up to 90 degrees.

Both X and C models provide less than 5ms response times (on-off). Not the fastest, but certainly fast enough for most applications including some 3D gaming. The X and C lines have both VGA and DVI inputs and the X-line comes with USB connections.

IMO… Too many names and too many lines. Just come out with one set of great monitors that can do everything. There isn’t much room for three lines in this razor-thin-margin market. Check out what Apple is doing: make the design great, procure great LCD panels, and sell it simply: they just have a total of three models! Of course, lower prices than Apple would be better.

Source: Philips

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