Pioneer Elite PRO-940HD, PRO-1140HD, PRO-1540HD Plasma TVs

Elite PRO-940HD: 42″, 1024 x 768, $4,000
Elite PRO-1140HD: 50″, 1365 x 768, $5,500
Elite PRO-1540HD: 60″, 1365 x 768, $8,000

Pioneer Elite PRO-1140HD

Technologies that these three plasma TVs have:

First Surface PRO Color Filter: Improves contrast ration via a newly designed glass and provides more detail in dark scenese.

Redesigned Deep Encased Cell Structure: The red and blue phosphors have been improved resulting in more brightness.

Crystal Emissive Layer: This layer is bonded directly to the plasma glass that results in more panel efficiency (brighter) and results in better contrast.

Home Media Gallery: These three Elite plasma TVs are the first to have this feature that allows connection to a home network via Ethernet or USB and gives direct access to movies, music and photos that are accessible on the network.

Other features include a built-in NTSC and ATSC tuners, two HDMI inputs, CableCARD, and 60,000-hour lifetime (20 years at 8 hours per day). When all is said and done, these “Elite” plasma TVs are not all that elite. First of all, the PRO-940HD has a resolution of 1024 x 768–this isn’t even HD. How can you display 720p HD content that has a resolution of 1280 x 768 on this? You can’t, unless you scale it down. PRO? Laughable. Also, if you really want an elegant interface that links up a HD TV to networked multmedia, wait for Apple’s iTV.

Source: eHomeUpgrade

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