Sony KDL-52XBR2 and KDL-52XBR3: 52″ BRAVIA LCD TV

Sony introduced two 52″ LCD TVs on September 14, 2006. One is the $6500 KDL-52XBR2 and the other is the $6800 (just $300 more) KDL-52XBR3. Both units will be available in November and can be pre-ordered through Sony’s site. These have Sony’s Advanced Contrast Enhancer (ACE) that adjusts backlight levels in real-time and boosts the 1300:1 panel contrast ratio to 7000:1 effective contrast ratio. Video is smooth and without much motion blur due to the BRAVIA Engine Pro that processes video at Full HD. There are too many technology acronyms to mention, but for the ~$6000 price, the 52″ XBR models seem to be a bit on the expensive side, even despite the fact that it has a 1920 x 1080 resolution. The backlight has an enhanced CCFL called Wide Color Gamut CCFL (WCG-CCFL) that increases the color gamut from a yawn-inspiring 72% NTSC to a much better number… it doesn’t say.

The KDL-52XBR2 and KDL-52XBR3 features a built-in ATSC tuner, three HDMI ports, a PC input, and other non-HD input ports. The XBR2 unit has a silver bezel while the slightly more expensive XBR3 unit features a glossy piano black bezel. I prefer the black, but without the glossy since I don’t like to see reflections when I am watching TV.

Source: Sony

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