3M to Build Optical Film Factory in Poland

3M announced that it would spend $50 million to build three factories in Wroclaw, Poland, where LG.Philips LCD (LPL) and Sharp is already building factories to support the European display market. One of the three factories will be an optical film factory, which will cost $30 million (60%), that will produce films (most likely Brightness Enhancing Films – BEF) that improves display images and is a direct response to investment projects of LPL and Sharp, said a 3M Poland spokesperson. Production start will be March or April 2007. Job creation is expected to be around 100. As LCD manufactures start shop in Europe, many of the LCD component suppliers will move there as well. Another very important component is glass and Corning being the major supplier, it wouldn’t suprise me if Corning announced that it would build a glass plant near LPL and Sharp. The only glass supplier in Europe at the moment is SCHOTT, who is based in Germany.

Source: Middle East Times

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