Apple 24″ iMac

GPU upgradeable? MacGeneration thought so. c|net states that the 24″ iMac uses nVidia’s MXM mobile GPU. That means that it is technically upgradeable. But it doesn’t mean you can upgrade yourself. Apple does it to easily go back and forth from the GeForce 7300 GT to the GeForce 7600 GT for building different configurations. You? Out of luck. Why? There is no external access to the 24″ iMac’s MXM slot. And even if you did get access to it, there are not a single MXM-based chips to replace it with.

Epic Empire’s bottom line is 8/10 and recommends the 24″ iMac to “any cash-strapped professional”. c|net gives it a 7.6/10: 9 for design, 6 for features, 7 for performance and 5 for service and support. CNN Money’s bottom line is very logical, “There have always been lots of reasons to buy a Macintosh computer, but now there is no longer a reason not to buy one.” ZDNet recommends the 24″ iMac as a “PC that doubles as a secondary home-entertainment system.”

I love the idea of an all-in-one system with a beautiful 24″ wide LCD screen with ample display real estate generated by 1920 x 1200 pixels. I also dig the shirt the guy is wearing in the Aperture application.

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