Chunghwa Picture Tubes to Build Next Generation LCD Plant

Chunghwa Picture Tubes (CPT) hasn’t decided which generatio but will most likely be one of three sizes: 1870 x 2200 (G7), 1950 x 2250 (G7), 2160 x 2460 (G8). Depending on what they choose, CPT will be effectively choosing which sizes to make. For 1870 x 2200, the prefered sizes would be 40″ and 46″ (S-LCD has this size). At 1950 x 2250, which LG.Philips LCD (LPL) has, CPT will mostly be making 37″, 42″ and 47″ panels. If CPT goes with 2160 x 2460, which is the size that Sharp has already started operations with, CPT will focus on making 46″ and 52″ LCD TVs. Currently, CPT’s G6 fab that is being built will start operations in the first quarter of 2007. Its build plan is very aggressive: The G6 plant will reach 90K glass substrate input capacity very shortly after it commences operations. This fast build might be due to there already being G6 fabs so the learning curve is minimized. Source: DigiTimes

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