Dual Mode Cellular / WiFi Mobile Phones

I think cellular network company CEOs should have a lot to worry about, especially in the US. Thanks to their sluggish rollout of fast cellular networks, the US is probably the only 1st world country in the entire world that does not have true 3G cellular networks. I think we’ve waited long enough and maybe we shouldn’t even wait. According to ABI Research, shipments of dual-mode cellular and WiFi mobile phones will hit 300 million units in 2011. I don’t like forecasts that go out that many years (I mean who really knows what will happen?), but 300 million is a lot. With WiFi being the faster network in the US, I would certainly expect major consumption of bandwidth for multimedia content to become a reality. Take for instance Sony’s mylo and expand the screen size a bit, increase the resolution and keep the price down to below $300 and you have a multimedia-consuming eco-system that should be pretty interesting to be a part of. As we consume more multimedia content, the display becomes more of a critical piece. I hope we can see VGA (640 x 480) resolutions in devices like the mylo or even on the iPod. ABI Research says that the majority of the dual-mode mobile phones will be based on the 802.11n WiFi technology.

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