Epson P-3000: Multimedia Viewer


4.0″ TFT LCD with a four-color color filter and 640 x 480 resolution. The four colors are red, blue, emerald green and yellow green. I’m not sure if that will result in better images, but I’m sure there is a reason why Epson calls the LCD the Photo Fine Ultra LCD. The P-3000 has a 40GB hard disk and depending on the resolution of the images can stores up to about 2,000 RAW files, claims Epson. The P-5000 has a 80GB hard drive for more storage. You can also store and view DivX-formated video and others, and playback music. P-3000 can be had for $499 (ouch!) or $699 for the P-5000 (dang!). Now when is Apple coming out with a 4″ LCD with 640 x 480 resolution? They already sell video at that resolution…

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