LG.Philips LCD: 1.3mm Thick Mobile Phone LCD

2006.09.29: LPL’s 1.3mm-thick LCD targeted for mobile phones is about 32% slimmer than typical LCD panels that are between 1.9mm – 2.9mm thick. Nikkei Electronics Asia is reporting that the 1.3mm thickness is thinner than OLEDs, which have a typical thickness of 1.5mm – 1.8mm. LPL’s thin LCD uses a LED-based backlight with up to 400 cd/m2 in brightness, which is much brighter than the typical 200-300 cd/m2. LPL’s structural modification technology is incorporated into this super-slim LCD that provides greater durability without the need for a stainless steel plate that protects the internal components of an LCD.

Imagine a mobile phone that is about 1/4 slimmer than a Motorola RAZR with a LCD that is much brighter!

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