Motorola Using Largan Camera Modules in KRZR, RIZR

According to Taiwan’s Commercial Times, Motorola is using Largan 2 megapixel camera modules in its new KRZR and RIZR mobile phones. The KRZR (ka-zir?) is the successor to the RAZR. The KRZR is a bit thicker than the RAZR but is narrower and longer; it can capture video in MPEG4 (15fps at CIF resolution – 178 x 220), has Bluetooth, a MicroSD slot, EDGE for high speed Internet connectivity, and supports Midi, MP3, AAC/AAC+ audio formats. Here are some really big pictures of the KRZR:

The main display, as you might have already guessed, has a resolution of 176 x 220 and pumps out 260K colors. The exact dimensions of the KRZR is 42 x 103 x 16mm. There is also a CDMA version called the KRZR K1m that is black instead of blue and has touch music controls it seems. T-Mobile will be adding Motorola’s KRZR to its network in the near future. Source: DigiTimes, Pocket-lint

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