JVC LCD TV with LED Backlight at CEATEC 2006

LED backlights will be the lighting technology of the future, and for some, now. JVC showcased a LCD TV using a LED backlight at CEATEC 2006. There are many advantages to having LEDs instead of CCFLs.

1. Better color gamut. LED: ~100% NTSC. CCFL: 72% –> 92% NTSC
2. Longer life. LED light output decreases extremely slower over 50,000 hours. CCFL  brightness comes down quite a bit through 50,000 hours.
3. Instant on. LED chips do not need time to warm up. CCFLs do.
But there are downsides…

1. LEDs pump out a lot of heat and need inactive and active thermal management. CCFLs are generally pretty darn cool.
2.  Hundreds if not  thousands of LED chips are required on large LCD TVs.  Only a  couple of dozen for CCFL.
3. LED backlights are expensive. CCFLs are pretty cheap in comparison.

There is much R&D toward pumping out more light from LED chips, making them smaller in size and keeping them cool. We’re at an inflection point and LED will take off real soon.

Source:  AVING.net

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