XBox 360 External HD-DVD

XBox 360 does not have a HDMI port? I didn’t know that. HD-DVD it does not have either. I knew that. Now, for $200, you can purchased the external HD-DVD drive that’s about 60-70% the size of the XBox 360 itself and watch HD-DVD movies… ummm… the few that are available. Actually, I Googled “hd-dvd movie” and found the official HD-DVD pimp site:
In that site, it says there are 73 HD-DVD titles in stores now!!! The Italian Job and Swordfish sound like good starts. Hey, maybe the $200 external HD-DVD player is worth getting, even though it looks horrible. But not really. You have to watch HD-DVD movies via the Xbox 360’s component output. Who was the genius behind that design??? Microsoft should have simply integrated HD-DVD into the main box. That would have been a much simpler and more elegant solution. But ‘simple’ and ‘elegant’ is not something Microsoft is about–maybe Apple, but definitely not Microsoft.

Apple iPlay. Now that’s an idea!!! If Apple does something like that, I’m sure it’ll be quite fun to watch: Microsoft vs. Sony vs. Nintendo vs. Apple. I bet on Apple and Sony to go to the championship battle while Microsoft and Nintendo fight for #3.

I found this picture at Fred Manteghian Blog and he is pretty harsh on the add-on: “The sign in front of the unit summarizes my thoughts on the subject succinctly.” Ouch.

Source: Fred Manteghian Blog

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