Sharp High Contrast Dash LCD

Sharp improved the contrast ratio from 500:1 to 1500:1. That’s good, very good. Unlike typical displays where the user might be at slightly different angles looking at the screen, a driver of a car is usually squarely in front of the display. So, ‘specsmanship’ in this case can be regarded as fairly accurate for how the LCD will be used.


The screen is 8″ wide with a pixel format of 800 x 480. Because the pictures are pretty small, I can’t see if the resolution is good enough for tachometers and speedometers, and other gauges. A digitalized dash will definitely usher in many creative designs that we simply cannot implement in an analog dash. But, I like analog–gauges, dials, all of it. The computerization of the automobile is something I don’t like very much. Maybe it is because I don’t like the idea of paying some auto-computer geek to ‘test’ my car to see what problems I have. Maybe it is because I like driving a car, not a computer. I have Need 4 Speed for that, which I enjoy playing very much.

Source: Sharp

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