Infringement Case Dismissed: LG.Philips LCD vs Chunghwa Picture Tubes

LPL filed a lawsuit against CPT claiming that the defendant was infringing four patents related to side-mount technology held by LPL back in 2002. Four years later, the US District Court judge in Los Angeles, California made a ruling on Monday (October 17, 2006) stating that LPL does not have standing to assert the four patents related to side-mounting technology. CPT has claimed that side-mounting technology was invented by two Digital Equipment Corp. (DEC) employees. CPT has filed a counter-suit against LPL for, you guessed it, patent infringement and is seeking damages of more than US$1 billion. The only party that’s getting rich is the party of lawyers. To both LPL and CPT: Get back to your roots of focusing on manufacturing high quality LCDs and low prices so customers can benefit instead of lawyers.

Back in July, I wrote about a NY arbitration panel that sided in LPL’s favor and granted exclusive ownership rights of its side-mounting technology. It would seem a judge’s ruling has more authority than an arbitration panel. But why go through an arbitration panel in the first place?

Source: Reuters

Update 2006.10.19 21:45 PST
News agencies (e.g. Reuters) erroneously reported that the lawsuit filed by LPL against CPT was dismissed. Only certain claims were dismissed and the lawsuit is underway in Los Angeles and will last until November. The defendants are CPT and Tatung. LPL is seeking US$80 million in damages and will pursue an enjoining order for CPT and Tatung from exporting products that have LCDs infringing LPL’s patents to the US. Source: Sys-Con Media

Update 2006.11.27 09:19 PST
LPL has been awarded US$53.5 in damages by the jury in the US District Court in LA, CA and a judge will determine the final amount that might be much more than what the jury awarded. The lawsuit has been going on for four years and was based on LPL’s allegations that CPT and Tatung were both infringing on LPL’s patents regarding TFT LCD technologies. I am not sure if CPT and Tatung will be appealing the case, but at the moment it seems the two Taiwanese companies were up to their normal tricks “borrowing” technology from other companies that invest human and financial resources to innovate. Source: BusinessWeek

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