Quanta, Intel, Yahoo Team Up for UMPC

Quanta, an integrator based in Taiwan, unveiled a UMPC based on an Intel reference design with Yahoo software at the Intel Developer Forum (IDF) in Taipei, Taiwan. The unit shown in the picture looks quite nice: swivel video cam (Sony’s TR series started it all in notebooks way back when), and swivel screen that is not too big (smaller than 7″). Quanta’s UMPC runs Yahoo’s Go, a software joint effort with Intel using the company’s Viiv technology. Yahoo’s Go software includes Go TV, Yahoo photos, music, and other multimedia content. The OS is Microsoft’s Windows XP Tablet Edition, which should give enough functionality to anyone wishing to do more than just tap into multimedia content.

I’m hoping that more UMPCs will be developed because I am hoping to get one in the near future. I like Quanta’s UMPC as it allows for wide screen viewing whether held horizontally or vertically. The full QWERTY keyboard is a plus for entering information when you are IMing, surfing the Web, emailing, or actually doing work on Word, Excel or PowerPoint. WiFi, Bluetooth and one of the many 2.5G/3G data network connectivity (e.g. EV-DO on Verizon) would be nice.

Source: Digital World Tokyo

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