Sanyo Epson 2.8″ Transflective LTPS LCD with Pixel-Integrated RAM

I’m not going to pretend I know what a “pixel-integrated RAM” is and what good it does a LCD, but Sanyo Epson has developed one. The main benefit of having RAM (SRAM to be exact) is that power consumption is reduced. This 2.8″ transflective (this is not a real word and is just a combination of transmissive + reflective that should have resulted in trans-reflective) LTPS LCD has two states: active and sleep. In active state, it generates 256K colors. In sleep, the colors go down to 8 colors (yes, that’s right, just eight) but uses very little power. Sanyo Epson’s HCL-S strategy is at work. HCL-S stands for High quality, Compact design, Low power consumption, System solutions.

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