Haier 46″ LCD TV and PVR

Haier, a Chinese brand that sounds European, unveiled a 46″ LCD TV at the Korean Electronics Show. The 46″ unit has 1920 x 1080 resolution, 800:1 contrast ratio and 178-degree viewing angles. There isn’t too much information, but FYI only Samsung (or should I say S-LCD) makes 46″ LCD panels and so I would think Haier got the panel from Samsung. And if that’s the case the underlying technology would be PVA, which, IMO, isn’t all that great. Contrast ratios fall off the cliff as soon as you move away from exactly center. And if you’re okay with 10:1 contrast ratios at the 178 degree limit, that’s fine by me. That viewing angle specification really doesn’t do anything for me. Haier, what a name. Got to give it those Chinese!

One last thing: I don’t like integrated stuff in TVs. So, what do you do when your PVR breaks? Take the whole TV in? Or if it can’t be fixed get a whole new TV? No thanks. I’ll take my components ala carte.

Source: PVRWire

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