Air Products NF3 Production Facility in Ulsan City, South Korea

Air Products signed a MOU with Ulsan City, South Korea to construct a nitrogen trifluoride (NF3) plant in the company’s existing specialty gas site in Ulsan. This plant will be Air Product’s second electronic specialty material (ESM) investment in Ulsan. The first was the company’s ultra-high purity ammonia plant that was built in 2005. The company has other ESM facilities in Korea: Shiwha, Banwol, Cheonan and Pyeongtaek. Cheonan is the location for most of Samsung’s LCD plants.

In the first phase of the plant, capacity will be in excess of 500 metric tons of NF3 and will be completed in late 2007. With the new plant, Air Products’ global NF3 capacity will be more than 2500 metric tons. NF3 is used as a cleaning gas in chambers for manufacturing semiconductors, LCDs, etc. With NF3, emissions are reduced, throughput increased by 30%, chamber life is increased and clean rates are accelerated. NF3 is also stable and non-flammable that is safe to transport and store.

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