Casio GPR-100: GPS Watch

Casio’s GPR-100 is the world’s smallest GPS-enabled wristwatch, according to the company. The display, due to the small size, will not display maps, latitude, or longitude data. The pixel format is only 49 x 72 and gives you information such as time, speed, mileage and pace. Another downside to the GPR-100 is the dismal 2-hour battery life. If the unit is on low-power status, the battery can last up to 4.3 hours. And it will take about 3 hours to charge the battery so make sure to do that when you’re going to sleep, every day.

So the apparent target customer is someone who likes to jog and want to know the performance metrics, but only for 2 hours. The GPR-100 has some other watch-like features such as a fully automatic calendar, worldwide times that include 141 cities, a stopwatch with memory function, a timer, an alarm, etc. Although bulk can be a distractor for those on the run, the 2-hour limit might be the limiting factor for folks who like to run more than 2 hours.

Source: Ubergizmo, c|net

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