Samsung Electro-Mechanics Catch Up to Nichia

Samsung Electro-Mechanics (SEM) developed a new LED that features high brightness with samples already in the hands of potential customers. The brightness is rated at 1.7 candela, which is higher than those from Nichia. Back in 2003, SEM created a R&D team to develop LEDs and has successfully developed blue LED chips, which are the basis for white-LEDs that use the blue LED chips as a basis and adds a yellow phosphor to create white light. SEM has begun shipping LED-based backlight systems for 5″ to 7″ panels to a Japanese customer. Further development in increasing brightness for LED chips will allow for smaller number of LED chips to achieve certain levels of brightness. This will also reduce heat output and extend the life of the backlight system. Source: DigiTimes via Tynax

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