Samsung SyncMaster XL20: 20″ LED Backlight LCD Monitor

Samsung introduced the SyncMaster XL20, which is a 20″ LCD monitor that uses a LED backlight instead of the conventional CCFL. Typical color gamuts with a CCFL for LCD monitors are about 72% NTSC but the XL20 sports 114% NTSC. The improved color gamut should make colors quite a bit more vibrant. The XL20 is geared for desktop publishers, video and photography editors and graphics designers who require high color fidelity. Also, the enhanced color gamut covers the entire Adobe RGB color space. The LCD monitor is also good for the environment as it does not have mercury. Mercury is used to light up CCFLs. Other features include a 1000:1 contrast ratio, 178-degree viewing angles, a 8ms response time and a resolution of 1600 x 1200. All of this comes at a price: $1999 MSRP.

Source: Samsung

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