Sony G-type Notebook PC

Sony will start selling its G-type VAIO notebook PCs in December. It will be available only in Japan. Sony claims that it will be the world’s lightest notebook PC with a weight of only 898 grams. The G-type comes with a 12.1″ LCD and will run for about 12.5 hours. The downside is that it will not come with an internal optical drive and will still cost about $1900. Sony has no plans to offer it outside of Japan.

The problem I have with ultra-light notebook PCs is that they are sometimes very fragile, or at least fragile to the touch. Another point that I do not like is the cramped keyboard although a case that has a 12.1″ LCD should allow for enough space for a decent keyboard. If you travel a lot and need your notebook PC to run for many hours, the G-type from Sony should fit your needs since it will last a cool 12.5 hours. Just make sure the battery is top quality and check that the cell in addition to where it was modularized is not from China.

Source: Reuters

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