Samsung SDI Chooses MKS Instruments LIQUOZON

Conventional cleaning methods used in the semiconductor industry pose major economical and environmental problems for manufacturers such as costly toxic chemical storage, handling, consumption and disposal. MKS Instruments’ LIQUOZON Single system uses ozonated water as the cleaning agent that offers a clean, safe alternative with no compromise in process performance or reliability. The system also significantly reduces waste disposal costs for wet wafer cleaning, contaminant removal and surface conditioning for semiconductor and flat panel applications.

Billions of flat panel displays (~800 million just for mobile phones) and chips are manufactured each year posing a major threat to the environment as toxic chemicals are dumped into rivers and oceans. Since most of the manufacturing is shifting to places that have very lax environmental regulations (e.g. China, Taiwan) it is good to see companies like MKS Instruments that make the transition to better solutions less difficult.

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