ASUS PW201: 20″ Wide LCD Monitor

The PW201 20″ wide LCD monitor from ASUS won the IF Design Award China 2006. The LCD has a anti-reflective glare film that gives that glare look without the reflections–something that I would like to see in all glare-type screens. The specifications are as follows:

Display size: 20.1″
Resolution: 1680 x 1080
Brightness is 350 cd/m2
Contrast ratio: 800:1
Viewing angle: 176/176
Response time: 8ms GTG (grey to grey)

For inputs, there are several: DVI-D, VGA, composite, S-Video, and component. Similar to Dell’s Ultrasharp offerings, the PW201 has a USB 2.0 hub with three downstream ports. Unlike any monitor from Dell, this comes with a 1.3 megapixel webcam on the top portion of the monitor. There are also speakers built-in: one on each side rated at 3W. For some ooomph you’ll most likely need extra speakers with a sub, but for daily things like watching YouTube or listening to music on OpenPandora, the speakers can work and will allow for a much simpler setting.

The height adjustment feature on the PW201 is very well done. I prefer this z-type rather than the ones that are standard on Dell’s Ultrasharp models where you either push down or pull up a fairly large neck. From the looks of the LCD specifications, I would hazard to guess that it’s a VA-type that gives very high contrast ratios right in the middle but falls off rather quickly as you move off axis. Most of the time this will not be a problem as you will be the only person using the monitor. With dropping contrast ratios, you experience color shifts. When you have friends over, they might see a slightly different color than you do. Also color fidelity at any angle is an issue for larger monitors. If you are someone who needs color fidelity, do not assume that you’ll get it just because of the size. You will most likely need at least a Super PVA (some Samsung models) LCD or Super IPS (LG, NEC, some HP, some Dell) LCD. ASV from Sharp and MVA-types from Taiwanese manufacturers will get the job done, but not nearly as well.

Source: ASUS

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