Samsung SM225BW: 22″ Wide LCD Monitor

Samsung’s SM225BW is a 22″ wide LCD monitor that looks somewhat stoic. Many other companies have 22″ offerings and, in my opinion, look much better. The SM225BW’s specifications don’t look bad at all:

Display size: 22″
Brightness: 280 cd/m2
Response time: 5ms GTG
Contrast ratio: 700:1
Viewing angle: 160/160
Resolution: 1680 x 1050

The viewing angle at 160/160 is a bit on the low side, but it seems most 22″ LCDs have lower viewing angles. I would like to see roughly 176/176 no matter what the size. The 5ms GTS response time should be good enough for the casual 3D gamer. The brightness specification of 280 cd/m2 is plenty bright, but I would need to put the standard at 300 cd/m2; the SM225BW falls a bit short. I have mentioned this in my previous post, but I believe the 20″ wide size and resolution is the sweet spot. At 19″ wide you get less resolution (1440 x 900) but at 22″ you get the same resolution as the 20″ wide but probably will cost more.

The design as mentioned at the top is a bit stoic. There is nothing wrong with simple, but the SM225BW’s design is bordering on boring. The height adjustment is of the thick-neck-type where you pull up/push down. Though this mechanism works there are better ways (search for Asus and Acer’s 20″+ offerings). The base looks a bit smallish for the large 22″ display; it wouldn’t be surprising to see the monitor wobble when pushing the OSD buttons. There are DVI, composite and VGA inputs.

Source: Samsung

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