Teco Group Builds LCD TV Production Plant in China

Taiwan’s Teco Group inaugurated its LCD TV production plant in the Xiamen Torch High-tech Industrial Development Zone (XM Torch) located in the Fujian Province in mainland China. The invest of US$150 million toward the LCD TV plant will result in 2-3 million LCD TV units per year and will become Teco’s global strategic manufacturing center. The plant will produce both Teco-branded and ODM models for Viewsonic. Teco’s plant will also ship semi-knock-down (SKD) parts to a plant in the Czech Republic run by Taiwan’s First International Computer (FIC) for final assembly.

In no time will China become the largest market for flat panel TVs such as LCD TVs and plasma TVs. As overall per-capita income levels rise in China, demand for flat panel TVs will surely grow and will soon eclipse the US and western Europe as the largest potential TV market. But at the moment, only the cheapest LCD TVs are sold in large numbers in China due to comparatively (to their income) high prices.

Source: Taiwan Headlines

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